exhibition view • solo exhibition, Piazza dell’Arte, Antwerp (BE), 2018

exhibition view • group exhibition State of the City, Basis, Frankfurt (DE), 2016 [photo: Günther Dächert]

exhibition view • group exhibition JUMP Expo, Brugwachtershuisje, De Cacaofabriek, Helmond (NL), 2021 [photos: Biek van Bree]

film still • 03:22

film still • 04:44

film still • 12:10

VIEW of the/from the WATERSIDE
three-channel video installation
16:9 full HD 50p, 21:22 min, loop

The urban district of ‘t Eilandje in Antwerp, once part of the port of Antwerp, is the setting for Mirte van Duppen’s three channel film installation VIEW of the / from the WATERSIDE, which reflects on developments and views of the water in the context of the current gentrification of the area. While in the port context water was ascribed primarily functional properties, it now becomes an aesthetic factor in promoting the newly created former port landscape and condominiums that are an integral part of it. As the location develops from an industrial to a postindustrial area, the view onto water becomes an exclusive experience: water’s calmative and relaxing powers, but also expansive, romantic views of water, become marketing strategies. Different aquatic perspectives shape and inform the film to create a comprehensive conspectus of the element with views from the land, from a traveling boat, and from inhabited and uninhabited apartments. In calm images almost devoid of human action, with a narrative voice-over that describes developments and the significance of water, Van Duppen not only questions the new properties ascribed to water but also their appropriation and use in the context of urban planning and business interests.
Müller, C. (12.2016), curator Basis

Cinematographer, Film editor and Text editor
Mirte van Duppen
Text translation
Anneriek van Laarhoven
Benedikt Wöppel
Grace Kyne-Lilley

Intro text quoted from Mulvihill, D. A. (1991) Urban waterfront development. Urban Land, 50(12)., Smith, H.,& Ferrari, M. S. G. (2012) Negotiating city-building in waterfront communities around the North Sea: An analytical framework. Waterfront regeneration. Experiences in city-building, 17-32., Smolski, C. E. (1990) Waterfronts as a Key to City-Center Redevelopment. Rhode Island History, 48(3), 86-94., Tanguy Ottomer Resident ’t Eilandje & Owner Buro BeroepsBelg - City guide, walks and tours

Schelde & citizens text, based on interviews with Anne-Christin Bielig & Jonas Nicolaï Former residents ’t Eilandje, Daan Gielis & Lotte Residents ’t Eilandje, Dirk Lenaerts & girlfriend Former residents ’t Eilandje, Dirk van den Berghe Owner of travel books shop ‘Alta Via Travel Books’ at ’t Eilandje, Els and Frank Residents ’t Eilandje, Fons Resident ’t Eilandje, Hanne van Dyck & Bert Jacobs Residents at Schelde, Jasper Leonard Former resident ’t Eilandje, Johan Hamaker Real-estate agent at ‘t Eilandje – Belga Vastgoed, Lander Casteleyn Former resident ’t Eilandje, Magda Voorhoof Resident ’t Eilandje, Nick Hullegie Resident ’t Eilandje, Rosy Resident and owner of bar ‘la Campina’ at ’t Eilandje, Tanguy Ottomer Resident ’t Eilandje & Owner Buro BeroepsBelg - City guide, walks and tours, Yves and girlfriend Residents ’t Eilandje

Real estate agents text, based on real estate agents websites De Boer & Partners, www.deboerenpartners.be, De Meester, www.demeester.eu, Engel & Völkers, www.engelvoelkers.com, Hebbes, www.hebbes.be, Logic Immo, www.logic-immo.com, Zimmo, www.zimmo.be

Special thanks to AIR Antwerpen, Alan Quireyns, anonymous passersby, Gijs de Heij, Greet Vlegels, Hein van Duppen, Ivo van Stiphout, Jan van Duppen, Jan van Duppen, Johanna Nocke, Kamiel Verschuren, Lieve Sysmans, Manetta Berends, Marie van den Bosch and Mirjam Damen.

Kindly supported by Mondriaanfonds

AIR Antwerpen residency, 2016