the making process • Mirte van Duppen explaining to staff Jaba Glass (Hizma), 2014


[117 ml] represents the 70 liters of water for Palestinians in the West Bank
[167 ml] represents the 100 liters that is recommended by the WHO
[500 ml] represents the 300 liters that Israelis (including settlers) consume per day

the making process

the making process

exhibition view • Change the system, Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (NL) 2018

Measuring Inequality
h 26 cm, Ø 6 cm

‘Palestinian consumption in the OPT (West Bank) is about 70 liters a day per person - well below the 100 liters (…) recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) - whereas Israeli daily per capita consumption, at about 300 liters.’ – Amnesty International, October 2009

This measuring cup demonstrates the unequal division of water in Palestine and Israel. The cup lacks traditional measurement values, reflecting the fact that many Palestinians must constantly calculate the amount of water they have remaining because rooftop water tanks are refilled irregularly.

Created at workshop
Disarming Design from Palestine
Helen Underhill (UK) & Mirte van Duppen (NL)
Jaba Glass Factory (PS)
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Disarming Design