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Territory of the Beings
a film by Mirte van Duppen for KAAN Architecten
single channel video
16:9 full HD 50p, 8:26 min

Here, we take a close look at the beings in the process of annexing and exploring their terrain. Their territoriality helps to create structure, predictability and stability in their social lives. They are constantly learning from their experiences or copying their peers. It is a dialogue within a sublime environment, where all necessary elements are present to survive. Territory of the Beings shows a modern ecosystem consisting of flexible islands. The narrator takes you on a tour; displaying, analyzing and describing the behavior of the beings and how they personalize, mark, occupy and defend their territory.

'Territory of the Beings' has been selected for XIII. Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival, 12.09.2019 - 19.09.2019, Istanbul (TK)

(filmstill) 02:48 of 'Territory of the Beings'

(filmstill) 01:14 of 'Territory of the Beings'

(filmstill) 04:51 of 'Territory of the Beings'

(filmstill) 01:22 of 'Territory of the Beings'

In De Boomtak
one-channel video
16:9 full HD 50p, 19 min
commissioned by community center In De Boomtak
in honor of the 40th anniversary

(video) Trailer of 'In De Boomtak'

(filmstill) 00:10 of 'In De Boomtak'

(filmstill) 06:40 of 'In De Boomtak'

(filmstill) 15:15 of 'In De Boomtak'

(screening view) 40th anniversary community center In De Boomtak, Tilburg (NL), 21.05.2018

Graduation Presentation
design website and presentation
commissioned by The Master of
Education in Arts of Piet Zwart

05.2016 - 07.2016

[see website project.wdka.nl/educationinarts2016/]

[flyer with map of the exhibition, next to it a blue folder to collect your own catalogue]

[left print-out of the website, with information about one project / student]
[right wooden structure, scenographer Nikola Knežević and installation Geert van Mil]

Enquiry Desk
design website and identity
commissioned by Cathrine Andresen
2016 - 2017

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A Sustainist Lexicon
design book
A co-production of Reinwardt Academy with
the Academy of Architecture (Amsterdam
University of the Arts) & Sustainism Lab.
11.2015 - 01.2016

booklaunch: 15-01-2016, 16:00 - 17:00 @ Reinwardt Academy
published by: Architectura & Natura
distribution: Idea Books
for sale at: Nai Booksellers (NL), Architectura & Natura (NL),
Stedelijk Museum Bookshop (NL), Athenaeum (NL),
The American Book Center, Stroom (NL), Copyright (BE),
Idea Books Direct

Voice-over Public space
commissioned by Nikola Knežević
2015, Amsterdam