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exhibition view • Dutch Design Week • MAKE Eindhoven, Eindhoven (NL), 2021

Het begint met een kamer voor jezelf
two-channel video installation
16:9 full HD, 50p, 09:35 min

a film by Mirte van Duppen and Lotte Lentes for AIR Platform Brabant

Het begint met een kamer voor jezelf (It starts with a room of one's own) is a portrait of 11 residencies located in Brabant. We can see the details of a space: corners, views, materials... all of these form a relationship with each other. Although the spaces are devoid of people, there are plenty traces of a suspected artist to be found. Combined with the words of writer Lotte Lentes, who reacts on the images in an associative, poetic way. This invites the viewer to put themselves into the resident's place.

Together, image and language make these spaces collide, by presenting them at the end of the film one by one to the viewer the unique characteristics of each residency is highlighted. With this portrait the value of a residency is shown.

The video installation was made by invitation of AIR Platform Brabant, and was supported by Kunstloc Brabant.

Cinematographer and Film editor
Mirte van Duppen
Lotte Lentes
Eva van Pelt
Benedikt Wöppel
Color correction
André Badjebier
Lilly Chamberlain

Landscapes De Fabriek, MAKE Eindhoven, United Cowboys, AnnaAtopia, Witte Rook, Glaslab, Baltan Laboratories, Park Zuiderhout Air de Missie, Leo XIII, SEA Foundation and Van Gogh Air Zundert

Special thanks to Esther van Rosmalen (Witte Rook), Ron Dirven (AiR van Gogh), Koen Dijkman (De Fabriek), Susan Lambeck (Air de Missie), Ad den Hoven (Glaslab), Eric van Vliet (AnnAtopia), Hanneke Bedeaux (Leo XIII), Leif Czakai (Baltan Laboratories), Lex van Lith (Make Eindhoven), Paul (de Fabriek), PARK Tilburg, Laura Schippers (Atlas Initiatief), Ad Vlems (Ecodorp Boekel), Astrid Cats (TAC Eindhoven), Rogier Telderman van Dock Zuid voor het beschikbaar stellen van de studio, Bo Stokkermans, Ema Vaneková, Wessel Verrijt, Michiel van der Zanden, Henriëtte von Muenchhausen en St. Joost School of Art & Design.

Kindly supported by Kunstloc Brabant