screening and a Q&A hosted by Esther van Rosmalen • Cinecitta, Tilburg (NL), 2021 [photo: Jedrek Nadobnik]

film still • 03:02

film still • 02:04

film still • 12:12

Mirte van Duppen and Julien Van Driessche mount filmposter De ijzeren boomgaard, The Hunter
Burggravenlaan, Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge (BE), 10.2021 [photo: Hanse Cora]

Hanse Cora and Julien Van Driessche mount filmposter

double portrait Julien Van Driessche [photo: Hanse Cora]

Mirte van Duppen and Rita Van Ieten mount posters on window [photo: Hanse Cora]

filmposter projection • exhibition view • De Cacaofabriek, Helmond (NL), 2021

filmposter • De ijzeren boomgaard, The Princess

filmposter • De ijzeren boomgaard, The Mystical Beast

filmposter • De ijzeren boomgaard, The Chef

filmposter • De ijzeren boomgaard, The Hunter

filmposter • De ijzeren boomgaard, The Troubadour

filmposter • De ijzeren boomgaard, The Animal Whisperer

De ijzeren boomgaard
The fairytale of Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge
two-channel video installation and filmposters
16:9 full HD, 50p, 24:00 min

The project De ijzeren boomgaard (The iron orchard) consisting of a video installation and film posters, was made during a three-week artist-in-residence in the small town of Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge close to Ghent, Belgium. This contemporary fairytale is based on stories, anecdotes and memories of its inhabitants. Through the method of participating observation, Van Duppen temporarily becomes part of a community, making stories unfold themselves before her eyes. The choice for the fairytale's narrative form is to elevate the environment out of the mundane, making its reality surreal. The inhabitants have become the story's protagonists and are made invisible, only to be perceived by their voice. The Narrator guides you through all their stories, while you see fragments of everyday life and images of the environment. The story takes both inhabitant and viewer into a fantasy world based on reality, and invites you to daydream as well as regard your own environment differently.

The Disney-esk film posters of De ijzeren boomgaard (The iron orchard) show the inhabitants in their habitat, displaying their character in the film. The protagonists not featured in the video installation receive visibility and fame with the film posters. The medium of the posters refers to blockbuster films and aims to create a (local) buzz around the project. The social interaction generates involvement, and ensures the fairy tale coming to life in the village. Thus, Van Duppen gives the protagonists a stage in which to present themselves towards other inhabitants.

Both the form and presentation allude to the film poster as a metaphor. Portraits of these 'normal' people receive the same status as movie stars; the symbolism of the Disney-esk design refers to the alluring nature of poster campaigns and how these generate fame. The film posters were projected onto the façade of De Cacaofabriek in Helmond as an autonomous work, which makes the protagonists gain 'international' success.

In order to achieve a perfect Disney look-a-like, she collaborated with photographer Hanse Cora and designer Cyanne van den Houten.

Cinematographer and Film editor
Mirte van Duppen
Hanse Cora
Lotte Lentes
Text editing
David Dumont
Paulien Mandos
Benedikt Wöppel
Sound recordings
Pieter Jan van Den Berge
Herman Moens
DJ Peter van Praag
Voice-over The Monkey
Tina De Keyzer
Voice-over The Narrator
Herman Moens
Color correction
André Badjebeir
Cyanne van den Houten
The Princess
Bernice Van Walleghem
Mystical Beast
Berta De Ezel
The Chef
Elsa De Meyer
The Hunter
Julien Van Driessche
The Troubadour
Peter Van Praag
The Animal Whisperer
Rita Van Ieften

A fairytale based on stories of Kapper Rilyn and her customers, Mark Bekaert, Nicole Vernaeve, Julien Van Driessche, Daniėl Van Durme, Nancy Van Hole, Rita Van Ieften, Jani De Koninck, Henk Meerlaen, Elsa De Meyer, Rose Moens, Herman Moens, Lieve Nouwen, Peter Van Praag, Herman Verstraete, Bernice Van Walleghem, Annie Wieme, Arlet Willems

Special thanks to Evenementencentrum Burggraeve and its (dance)guests, Kapperszaak Rilyn and her customers, Buurtpunt Den Hannekesnest, Leontien Allemeersch, Hein van Duppen, Valentine Galeyn, Isa Moerenhout, Olivier Van Walleghem, Josje Wijnant

KONNEKTOR residency, 2020